Guidelines for Submission of Articles to The Journal of Military History

The Journal of Military History now requires authors to upload their manuscripts to our online system, JMH Tracker.


The manuscript should be saved as a Word file.
It should be understood that your manuscript has not been published elsewhere, nor is it under consideration with another publisher. Text, indented quotations, and footnotes should be double-spaced with wide margins. Footnotes must be numbered consecutively from the beginning and appear in a separate section at the end of the manuscript.
The editors prefer to work with manuscripts that are about thirty double-spaced pages in length (not counting notes, tables, and charts). Authors should not include their names within their manuscripts, as these are sent anonymously to our referees.
Style will conform to The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.). The editors may suggest changes in the interest of clarity and economy of expression; such changes will not be made without consultation with the author. The editors are the final arbiters of usage, grammar, and length.
Authors are encouraged to supply relevant artwork (maps, charts, line drawings, and photographs) with their essays. Illustrations may be submitted in the following formats: PDF, JPEG, or TIFF. For additional detail, consult our Illustration Guidelines. The author is responsible for obtaining permission to publish any copyrighted material.
The submission of an article, book review, or other communication with the intention that it is to be published in this journal shall be taken as prima facie evidence that the author willingly transfers the copyright to the journal and its parent society, which will, however, freely grant the author the right to reprint his or her piece, if published, in the author’s own works. In the case of articles, upon acceptance the author will be sent a contract and an assignment of copyright.
The Society for Military History, the Virginia Military Institute, and the George C. Marshall Foundation disclaim responsibility for statements, either of fact or opinion, made by contributors.

For questions or concerns about submitting to the Journal, please contact Kachina Johnson at

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