Journal of Military History Editorial Advisory Board
(terms expire with the annual spring meeting)

Lee Brice, Chair (2026)

Michael Bechtold, Wilfrid Laurier University (2025)
Mike Burns, USAF Historian (2025)
Erik Lakomaa, Stockholm School of Economics (2025)
Jamie Goodall, Center of Military History (2025)

Emily Andrew, Cornell University Press (2026)
Michael Hankins, Smithsonian (2026)
Ian Johnson, Notre Dame (2026)
Nathan Finney, INDOPACCOM (2026)
Jessica Luepke, University of North Texas, Graduate Student Representative (2026)

John Ashbrook, Midwestern State University (2027)
Lisa Brady, Boise State University (2027)
Andrew Buchanan, University of Vermont (2027)
Paul Johstono, Air University (2027)
Don Wright, Army University Press (2027)
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