Upcoming Articles in The Journal of Military History
Updated January 2021

Richard Ruth, “Ham & Mothers: Food for Anger in the Vietnam War”

Isabel Campbell, “A Tale of Submarine Sightings and a Golden Goose: American-British-Canadian Intelligence Sharing in the Early Cold War”

Sherman Lai, “Mao Zedong before and after the Luochuan Conference: A Case Study of the Party-Military Relationship in China”

Timothy Compeau, “The British Pysche on Lake Ontario: The Royal Navy’s Experiment with Prefabricated Warships in the War of 1812”

Bradley Coleman and Tim Schultz, “The Cornerstone of Joint Transformation: The Standing Headquarters at U.S. Southern Command, 2001-2011”

Jacob Hagstrom, “Justifying Violence against Noncombatants in French Algeria, 1830-1847”

Praytay Nath, “Looking Beyond the Military Revolution: Variations in Early Modern Warfare and the Mughal Case”

Xiaoming Zhang, “High-altitude Duel: The CIA’s U2 Spy Plane Overflights and China’s Air Defense Forces, 1961-1968”

Note: This list includes only some of the articles scheduled to appear in regular issues of The Journal of Military History.
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