Upcoming Articles in The Journal of Military History
Updated January 2021

Laurence Marvin, “The Battle of Friskur (29 August 1219) and the Fifth Crusade: Causes, Course, and Consequences"

Brian Walsh, “’This Degrading Slavery’: McArthur’s GHQ and Prostitution Policy during the Occupation of Japan”

Aaron Coy Moulton, “The Dominican Dictator’s Funds and Guns in Costa Rica’s Wars of 1948”

J.P. Harris, “The Early History of the Second Indochina War and the Moyar Thesis”

Frank Blazich, “Notre Cher Ami: The Enduring Myth and Memory of a Humble Pigeon”

Richard Ruth, “Ham & Mothers: Food for Anger in the Vietnam War”

Tim Stapleton, “Medical Care and Health in Britain’s West African Colonial Army, 1898-1960”

Isabel Campbell, “A Tale of Submarine Sightings and a Golden Goose: American-British-Canadian Intelligence Sharing in the Early Cold War”

Sherman Lai, “Mao Zedong before and after the Luochuan Conference: A Case Study of the Party-Military Relationship in China”

Note: This list includes only some of the articles scheduled to appear in regular issues of The Journal of Military History.
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