Upcoming Articles in The Journal of Military History
Updated January 2022

Timothy Compeau, “The British Pysche on Lake Ontario: The Royal Navy’s Experiment with Prefabricated Warships in the War of 1812”

Jennine Hurl-Eamon, “Husbands, Sons, Brothers, and Neighbours: Eighteenth-century Soldiers’ Efforts to Maintain Civilian Ties”

Gavin Wiens, “Guardians and Go-betweens: Germany’s Military Plenipotentiaries, 1867-1920”

William Donnelly, “From Sergeant Snorkels to Drill Sergeants: Basic Training of Male Soldiers in the U.S. Army, 1953-1960”

Richard Dunley, “Operation Q: Churchill and Fisher’s Invasion of Germany”

David Prentice, “’Waltzing Matilda’ Out of Vietnam: Grand Strategy, Politics, and the Decision to Remove Australian Military Forces from Vietnam”

Brian Turner, “The Consequences of Celebrating ‘Bloodless Victories’ in the Roman World”

Note: This list includes only some of the articles scheduled to appear in regular issues of The Journal of Military History.
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