Upcoming Articles in The Journal of Military History
Updated September 2020

Tony McArthur, “Were Roman Soldiers ‘Professional’ before Augustus?”

Steven Zaloga, “Debunking an Omaha Beach Legend: The Use of Armored ‘Funnies’ on D-Day”

Dwight Mears, “’Neither an Officer nor an Enlisted Man’: Contract Surgeons’ Eligibility for the Medal of Honor”

Joseph Sproule, “Raiding, Pillaging, and Violent Social Change in Late Sixteenth-Century Livionia”

Evan Wilson, “German Perspectives on the U-Boat War, 1939-1941”

Mark Jones, “In Need of a Home Away From Home: The Royal Netherlands Navy in Australia, 1942-1947"

Maurizio Arfaioli, “Bastion of Empire: The Italian Terzo Vecchio of the Army of Flanders (1597-1682)”

Christian Henriot, “The Battle of Shanghai (January-March 1932), A Study in the Space-Time of War”

Timothy Wolters, “Henry A. DeWeerd and the Dawn of Academic Military History”

David Fitzgerald, “Warriors Who Don’t Fight: the Post-Cold War United States Army and Debates over Peacekeeping Operations”

Laurence Marvin, “The Battle of Friskur (29 August 1219) and the Fifth Crusade: Causes, Course, and Consequences"

Note: This list includes only those articles scheduled to appear in regular issues of The Journal of Military History. Articles scheduled to appear in special issues of The JMH will be listed separately when the contents of those numbers have been finalized.
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