SMH Committees

Book Awards Committee
Lesley Gordon, University of Alabama
Bruno Cabanes, Ohio State University
Richard Fogarty, SUNY Albany
David Morgan-Owen, King's College London
Andrew Stewart, Australia National University

Vandervort Prizes Committee
Adam Seipp, Texas A&M University
Tom Bruscino, US Army War College
D'Ann Campbell, Culver Stockton College
Matthew Neufeld, University of Saskatchewan

Edward M. Coffman First Manuscript Awards Committee
Ian Johnson, Ohio State University
Huw Bennett, Cardiff University
Elizabeth Coble, Command & General Staff College

Allan R. Millett Dissertation Fellowship Committee
Lorien Foote, Texas A&M University
David Fitzgerald, University of Cork 
Tommy Jamison, Naval Postgraduate School

Russell F. Weigley Graduate Student Travel Grants, Jeffrey Grey Memorial Travel Grant, and ABC-Clio Research Grants Award Committee
Ryan Wadle, Air War College, Chair
Tristan Moss, University of New South Wales
Rebecca Matzke, Ripon College

Applied Military History Committee
Carter Malkasian, Chair
Seth Center
Robert Thompson
Kate Tietzen, Center for Military History

George C. Marshall Lecture Committee
Jennifer Speelman, US Merchant Marine Academy, Chair
David Fitzpatrick, Washtenaw Community College
Jennie Kiesling, United States Military Academy
Paul Levengood, George C. Marshall Foundation
Mark Stoler, University of Vermont (Emeritus)

Membership and Staffing Committee
David Ulbrich, Norwich University
Molly Dorsey, University of New Hampshire
Lon Strauss, Marine Corps Command and Staff College
Rachel Engl, Lehigh University
Nathan K. Finney, Duke University, GSR, ex officio
David Silbey, Cornell, trustee, ex officio

Long Range Planning Committee
Joseph T. Glatthaar, University of North Carolina
Brian M. Linn, Texas A&M University
Timothy K. Nenninger, National Archives
Reina Pennington, Norwich University
Alex Roland, Duke University
Gregory J.W. Urwin, Temple University

Social Media Committee
Amber Batura, Texas Tech University
Gregory N. Stern, Naval History & Heritage Command, Chair
Miguel Lopez, US Air Force Academy
Sarah E. Patterson SNA International
Titus Firmin, Graduate Student at the University of Kansas

SMH Nominating Committee
Susannah Ural, University of Southern Mississippi
Ricardo Herrera, Command and General Staff College
Michael Neiberg, US Army War College

Committee on Teaching and Professional Development
Angela Riotto, US Army Command and General Staff College
Cynthia Watson, National Defense University
Barbara Gannon, University of Central Florida
Heather Perry, UNC Charlotte
Emily Swafford, American Historical Association
Claude Berube, US Naval Academy
Kurt Piehler, Florida State University
Howard Coombs, Royal Military College of Canada
Andy Wiest, University of Southern Mississippi
Ben Remillard, University of New Hampshire
Amy Rutenberg, Iowa State University

Conduct Complaint Committee
Referee Committee
David Preston, Citadel
Laura Hooton, US Military Academy
Vanya Efitmova Bellinger
Intake Committee
Danielle Mead Skjelver, Univ. of Maryland Global Campus
Cameron Zinsou, US Army Command and General Staff College
Mary Elizabeth Walters, Air War College

Procedures Committee
Mary Kathryn Barbier (trustee)
Sam Watson (trustee)

2022 Program Committee
Heather Pace Venable, Air Command and Staff College
Michael Hankins, Smithsonian
Margaret Sankey, Air War College
David Fitzpatrick, Washtenaw Community College
Theodore Cook, William Paterson University
Keith Bird, Kentucky Community College System
Conor Whately, University of Winnipeg

Hayley Noble, Idaho State Historical Society

The Society is only as good as its members, and one of the best ways to keep the Society strong is to get involved in one of our many committees. If you are interested in serving, contact one of the Society's officers.

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