The Allan R. Millett Dissertation Research Fellowship Award

The Society for Military History is pleased to offer the Allan R. Millett Dissertation Research Fellowship Award.  The Award honors Professor Allan R. Millett, a former President of the Society and an eminent, prolific scholar who directed over fifty dissertations in his long career.  The winner receives an award of $750.00 for doctoral dissertation research on a topic in any field of military history.

The submission process for the 2023 Millett Dissertation Research Fellowship Award can be found here.

2023 Millett Prize
Ayelet Marron, Rutgers University
“Bargaining for Freedom in World War II: The Laws of the Market in American-Occupied French North Africa”

Blake McGready, The Graduate Center CUNY
“Making Nature’s Nation: The Revolutionary War and Environmental Interdependence in New York, 1775-1783”

2022 Millett Prize
Christopher Goodwin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“Broken Supermen: Disabled Veterans and Soldiers in Nazi Germany, 1939-1949.”

Runner Up
Thomas P. Stephens, Indiana University, Bloomington
“All the Work Without the Excitement of War: Gender and Race in the Royal Army Service Corps, 1888-1945.”

2021 Millett Prize
Sofya Anisimova, University of St. Andrews
"Russia's Military Strategy and the Entente, 1914-1917"

Runner Up
Uyen H. Nguyen, Texas Tech University
"MAT Teams in a Mad War: The U.S. Army's Advisory Efforts Waging Peace in the Vietnam War"

2020 Millett Prize
Nathan Grau, Harvard University
“France’s Forgotten Soldiers: Local Paramilitaries on the frontlines of Decolonization, 1945-1962”

Runner Up
Marjorie Galelli, University of Kansas
“Two Sides of the Same COIN”

2019 Millett Prize
Michael Morris, Texas A&M University
"Waging War in I Corps:  III Marine Amphibious Force Headquarters in Vietnam, 1965-1971"

2018 Millett Prize
Katelyn Tietzen, Kansas State University
"Iraq in the Cold War and beyond the fall of the Soviet Union, 1968-2003"

2017 Millett Prize
Cameron Zinsou, Mississippi State University
Dissertation Title: “Occupied: The Civilian Experience in Montélimar, 1939-1946"

2016 Millett Prize
Mary Elizabeth Walters, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Dissertation Title: “Opportunism or Compassion? NATO's Humanitarianism and Albanian Responses during the 1999 Kosovo Refugee Crisis."

2015 Millett Prize
Sofia Zepeda, University of Arizona
Dissertation Title: “Fighting Men, Enduring Women: Sailors and their Families in the United Kingdom, 1770-1820”

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