Delynn Burrell


Liberty University


Dr. Steven Woodworth

Academic Interests:

Civil War Prisoners of War
World War II in the Pacific
US Military History
War of the Roses


Chaplain Prisoners of War: The Lives and Ministries of Father Peter Whelan and Isaac W.K. Handy (working title)

Bio Note:

Delynn Burrell graduated from Liberty University in 2019 with an MA in History with a concentration on WWII in the Pacific. She is currently a PhD candidate at Liberty focusing on Prisoners of War and the ministries of Father Peter Whelan and Isaac W.K Handy at the respective camps of Andersonville and Camp Delaware.

Delynn is a member of Phi Alpha Theta and has presented at both regional and national conventions. She is also a member of the Society of Civil War Historians, the Air Force Historical Society, the White House Historical Society, and the Society of Southern Historians.

Currently, Delynn is the Executive Director of the historic Presbyterian Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA and is a History Curriculum writer for Liberty's Online K-12 Academy.

Added July 2021

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