Tommy Carr


University of Nebraska Kearney / United States Army


Dr. Wells

Academic Interests:

Strategic bombing in WW2
US Small Arms



Bio Note:

I'm an active duty Army aviation officer stationed at Fort Hood Texas. I am an AH-64D/E pilot in command and air mission commander with 750 flight hours of experience, 300 hours of rated combat time. I've been deployed to Iraq twice in support of Operation Inherent Resolve in Aug 2015- Apr 2016 and Feb 2019 - Nov 2019. In my current assignment, I work with deploying national guard and reserve aviation units to ensure they are properly trained prior to their deployment.

As far as my educational background, I earned a bachelors of science in Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy in 2012. My primary focus was human factors (think ergonomics) and simulation modeling. I earned the lean six sigma green belt by working with the VA, modeling the process veterans under go when applying for benefits. Systems Engineering is mostly about efficiency and optimizing value. As part of the curriculum at West Point, I studied Western Civilization, Russian History, American Politics, International Relations and the Military Art.

I am married to my best friend Ali, and we have two dogs Hershey (chocolate lab) and Peanut (golden retriever mix). I enjoy shooting competitively, cycling, running, rock climbing and motorcycle track days.

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