Steve Beckman


Ohio State University


Dr. Mark Grimsley and Dr. Elizabeth Bond

Academic Interests:

17th/18th Century French Military History
European Early Modern History
Age of the French Revolution and Napoleon
20th Century Military History
Civil Military Relations and Professionalism


Marshal Boufflers and the Art of Command in the Grand Siècle

Bio Note:

Steven (Steve) Beckman is a Ph.D. candidate specializing in Military History at Ohio State University. His research focuses on the art of command and the conduct of warfare in the age of Louis XIV. By examining Marshal Boufflers career, which spanned the length of Louis reign, he looks to examine John Lynn’s model of “war as process” in action. He uses both the war records from Vincennes in combination with press accounts, propaganda, and memories to highlight how French officers made war, and how their contemporary elites viewed them.

Steve is an active-duty military officer with over 12 years of service. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2009 with a BS in History and a MA in history from OSU in 2019. He has taught all periods of Military History as an instructor/assistant professor at the United States Military Academy (2019-2021). He speaks French and has conducted extensive research at Service Historique de la Defense, Vincennes.

His committee consists of Drs. Mark Grimsley, Elizabeth Bond, Peter Mansoor and John Lynn.

Added January 2022

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