Stanley Schwartz


Temple University


Dr. Gregory J. W. Urwin

Academic Interests:

Civil War
Civil War Veterans
Gilded Age Civil-Military Relations
U.S. Army
State Militias
U.S. Diplomacy


From Battlefields and Campgrounds to Podiums and Paperwork: Civil War Veterans' Politics and Policymaking, 1870-1900

Bio Note:

Stanley Schwartz is a third-year PhD student with research interests in Civil War veterans, Gilded Age politics, US armed forces, and Civil War memory. Before coming to Temple, he received BAs in History and Political Economy from Cedarville University, graduating in 2018. During 2019 he spent time on a Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship in Australia, researching the Australian Labor Party and national defense, 1895-1925.

Added June 2021

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