Scott Madere


Louisiana State University


Suzanne Marchand

Academic Interests:

European military history
Napoleonic military history
Ancient Rome
Ancient Greece
World War II
Military Theory


“Modern Problems, Ancient Answers: The Influence of Classical Antiquity on Eighteenth-century European Warfare”

Bio Note:

Scott Madere is a Ph.D candidate at Louisiana State University who specializes in European Military History. Scott received his master’s degree in military history from Norwich University in 2016, and is the current president of LSU’s History Graduate Student Association.

His previous projects include his master’s thesis, centered on the role of environment and geography in Julius Caesar’s invasions of Britain, and presentations on the methodology of Clausewitzian re-enactment for the analysis of military campaigns. Scott re-designed and taught LSU’s history of World War II class via online delivery in summer of 2020, and designed an online training course for more than 200 incoming graduate teaching assistants at LSU in fall of 2020.

His dissertation focuses on the challenges of eighteenth century warfare in Europe and how military thinkers and leaders drew inspiration from the past to create new solutions for their problems.

Added August 2020

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