Sam Canter


The University of Leicester


Dr. Andrew Futter

Academic Interests:

Offsets Strategies
Military Competitions
Institutional Structure
Civil-Military Relations


Offset Strategies and the American Approach to Military Competition Against Nuclear Powers

Bio Note:

Sam Canter is a Captain in the US Army who has served in both the Infantry and Military Intelligence branches. He has held a variety of leadership and staff assignments in light-infantry and armored units. 

Sam holds a BA in History from CUNY Queens College and an MA in Military History from Norwich University. His graduate thesis provided a comprehensive study of the Office of Net Assessment's role in promoting the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) concept. Sam's current PhD dissertation (University of Leicester, Dept. of Politics and International Relations) will use offset strategies as a lens for analyzing how the US military approaches competitive planning against nuclear powers. 

Updated April 2019

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