Philip Webster


Texas Tech University


Dr. Ron Milam and Dr. Justin Hart

Academic Interests:

Military and Diplomatic History 1792-Present


Trilateral Relations in the Vietnam War between the United States, United Kingdom and Australia

Bio Note:

In 2016 I received my BA (Hons) in War Studies from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, and then my MA in History from Texas Tech University in 2018. Currently I am studying my PhD also at Texas Tech University. I enjoy all aspects of military and diplomatic history especially from the rise of the nation state and the French Revolution to the present day. Lately my focus has been the Vietnam War and in particular the Australian perspective. I undertook heavy research during my MA thesis into the use of Australian armour in the Vietnam War and discovered how effective and disproportionate to their overall size they were.

Whilst my MA thesis concentrated on the micro side of the Australian war in Vietnam, and in particular the role of tanks and other armoured vehicles by the Australian Army, my PhD dissertation instead takes a broader approach. My PhD will focus on the British, American and the Australian governments in the greater Southeast Asia area and deals with the way all three governments had overlapping and sometimes contradictory interests and perceptions in the region.

I especially enjoy teaching military history and have thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to give lectures in a variety of topics from Aviation in the First World War to the Falklands War of 1982 to a variety of different audiences from local High Schools to the Texas Tech University Air Force ROTC.

Aside from my academic and historial interests I enjoy College American football, basketball, international soccer and korfball.

Added February 2022

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