Philip McCarty


University of Wolverhampton


Professor John Buckley

Academic Interests:

Second World War
British Army in the World Wars
British Military History
Chinese military affairs


Point of Failure: British Army Brigadiers in France and Norway, 1940

Bio Note:

Philip “Phil” McCarty received a BA (Hons) in Combined Studies (Military, American and Russian Studies) from the University of Manchester in 1983 and an MA in War Studies from King’s College London in 1984. From 1986-2012 he was a senior research analyst in the UK Ministry of Defence and Foreign & Commonwealth Office. He served in the Territorial Army and as an officer in the Army Cadet Force. He has been a member of Council for the Society of Friends of the National Army Museum for eleven years and a member of Council of the Society for Army Historical Research since 2016. He lives in London and Hertfordshire.

Added February 2020

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