Olli Siitonen


University of Helsinki



Academic Interests:

Combat experiences
Psychology of killing
The Vietnam War


Narratives of violence – The Psychology of killing and the experiences of American soldiers in the Vietnam War

Bio Note:

Olli Siitonen graduated from the University of Helsinki in August 2016. He is a PhD student of history in Helsinki where he studies American experiences of wartime killing in the Vietnam War. He analyses their narratives of violence through theories of social psychology. The aim of his work is to help psychologist who are crating psychiatric treatment for military veterans suffering from moral injury related to their personal experiences of violence. Olli is the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to Texas Tech University and University of Maryland College Park in 2021–2022.

During the past few years Olli has been working as a bike courier and in music and art festival construction. He volunteers at the local bike kitchen and enjoys riding and building bikes.

Added May 2022

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