Michael Santana


Kansas State University


Dr. Donald Mrozek

Academic Interests:

United States
US Military
Cuba and the Greater Caribbean Basin
Modern Spain
Modern Western European Militaries


"Yanquis", Combined American-Cuban attempts at creating a Professional Cuban Army, 1868-1922 (tentatively)

Bio Note:

Michael Santana is a 2015 graduate of The Citadel, where he graduated with honors and earned Bachelors degrees both in History and in Modern Languages with a concentration in Spanish. While teaching full time at a local secondary school, he earned his Masters of Arts in History at Florida International University. Currently, he is working on his PhD in Kansas State University, while teaching undergraduate survey courses on Latin America.

Loosely classifying himself as an Atlanticist, his studies focus on the interplay of the Imperial Powers of the United States, France, Spain, and Great Britain in the Caribbean. While his dissertation is still tentative, he hopes to document and trace the link between US and Cuban governmental bodies, as well as private citizens and volunteers, as they worked to create a professional Cuban Army from the onset of the Ten Years War (1868-1877) through the US Marine withdrawal from most of the island in 1922.

Added February 2022

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