Michael A. Anderson


University of New Hampshire


Dr. Kurk Dorsey

Academic Interests:

War and Society
Diplomatic History
Twentieth Century Conflict
American Indian History
Post-Cold War History


(Title to be determined – American search for identity militarily and diplomatically in the post-Cold War world 1993-2001)

Bio Note:

Mike Anderson is a PhD candidate at the University of New Hampshire. He has been a full-time student since he retired as a Colonel from the Air Force. He has a BA from Boston University and an MA from Rutgers. His Master’s thesis was titled, “Cochise: Warrior, Diplomat and Statesman” which analyzed how the Apache used realpolitik and played the United States against Mexico to achieve their interests.

He currently studies modern U.S. history with a focus on war and society, diplomacy, and international conflict. He has taught his own standalone survey course on American Military History from colonization through the War on Terror, as well as an online course on War and Society in Europe from the Congress of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift.

For his dissertation, Mike is studying the United States’ transition from Cold War certainty in international relations to the relative chaos after the fall of the Berlin Wall. His focus is on America’s use of the military during the Clinton administration, covering actions in Somalia, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and the responses to terrorist actions.

Added April 2021

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