Mel Vasquez


University of North Florida


Dr. Chau Kelly

Academic Interests:

Military History
Cultural History
Japanese History


The Morikami Museum and Gardens: History, Culture, Functionalism, and Community Affairs

Bio Note:

Mel Vasquez is a University of North Florida History Masters’ student. He is originally from the Republic of the Philippines and fluent in spoken Cebuano. In October 2014, He earned the Eagle rank within the Boy Scouts of America, after six years of commitment. In Spring 2019, Mel graduated with his bachelor’s history degree. He is a former intern for the Military Museum of North Florida. Mel specializes in 20th-century military history; however, he has recently gradually acquired an interest in cultural and political history, on its relations to the memory of war. He has formally committed presentations for UNF’s Phi Alpha (2018) 3rd Annual History, (2020) 5th Annual History, (2021) 6th Annual History Conferences, and Florida's Conference of Historians (2021). He has student memberships to the American Historical Association and the Society of Military Historians. His interested in traveling to Japan and acquiring trilingual skills. He currently works as a part-time substitute teacher.

Added June 2021

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