Laurence Merl Nelson III


Texas A&M University

USMC History Division, The General Lemuel C. Shepherd Jr. Marine Corps History Doctoral Resident Fellow


Dr. Andrew Kirkendall

Academic Interests:

U.S. Military History
Military Intervention
U.S. Marine Corps History
Latin American Military History
Guerrilla Warfare
Small Wars
The “Banana Wars”


(no title yet) U.S. Occupation of Nicaragua, 1927-1933

MA Thesis:

Innovation in Intelligence: An Analysis of U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Modernization during the Occupation of Haiti, 1915-1934

Bio Note:

Laurence M. Nelson III is a PhD candidate in United States history who specializes in U.S. military intervention in Latin America or the “Banana Wars.”  He examines the actions of both Latin American and U.S. participants in those conflicts. By analyzing transnational documentation of an institutional and personal nature, he illuminates fundamental dynamics that contributed to military outcomes. As a PhD fellow in residence at the USMC History Division, he is working on the USMC Official History of the U.S. Marine Corps Occupation of Haiti, 1915-1934. His dissertation concerns the U.S. occupation of Nicaragua, 1927-1933. 

Added September 2020

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