Kate Alfin


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Neil Kodesh, Emily Callaci, Gregg Mitman, Mary Lou Roberts, and Jim Sweet

Academic Interests:

African history
Civil-Military relations
Race, Ethnicity, and Nation
Gender and Sexuality


"'An Exceptional Situation:' Race, Sex, and the U.S. Army in Liberia, 1942-1946"

Bio Note:

Kathleen (Kate) Alfin is a Ph.D. candidate in African history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also completed a minor in Environmental History through the Center for Culture, History, and Environment (CHE) at UW-Madison. Her dissertation, “‘An Exceptional Situation:’ Race, Sex, and the U.S. Army in Liberia, 1942-1946” explores the deployment an interracial U.S. Army force to Liberia during the Second World War. She examines how racial anxieties affected relations between black and white American soldiers and Liberians, and the creation of U.S. Army policies to control racial tensions, violence, and sex in the overwhelmingly African American unit in the black republic.

Added November 2021

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