Joseph Guido


University of Oxford


Professor Richard Reid

Academic Interests:

History of war & military history
African history & African studies
African war and warfare
Grand Strategy, Insurgency and Counterinsurgency
Oral History


"Contours of the Ogaden War"

Bio Note:

Joseph Guido is an American Army Officer focused upon understanding contemporary warfare in Africa and its deeper historical roots. He is presently a Global History DPhil student and Army Strategic Planning and Policy Program Scholar at the University at Oxford. He is particularly interested in the culture and practice of warfare in the modern period and has focused on the transformations in African violence in the late precolonial period (the nineteenth century) as well as more recent armed insurgencies, especially those between the 1950s and the 1980s. His research at Oxford is on the Horn of Africa and the frontiers of violence between Ethiopia and Somalia, specifically in the Ogaden region and the events of the Ogaden War 1977-78.
Joseph has a BS in International History from West Point and an MA in African Studies from Yale University.

Added May 2020

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