Johannes Nagel


Bielefeld University, Germany


Prof. Dr. Angelika Epple
Prof. Dr. Mathias Albert

Academic Interests:

Causal Analysis
Global Military History
Historical International Relations
Nationalism and State-Formation
The Long 19th Century


The U.S. Military Transformation and the Observation of the World, 1865–1905

Bio Note:

Johannes Nagel studied History, Philosophy, and Political Science at Tübingen, Heidelberg, and Tufts University. As of 2021, he is currently employed as an academic researcher at the University of Freiburg and pursuing his doctorate at the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

His dissertation is about American army and naval reforms after 1865. Johannes is particularly interested in how military reformers and politicians observed the forces and wars of other powers, what they learned (and did not learn) from these observations, and how the resulting comparisons were turned into political arguments. Most importantly, he is interested in whether all of this had any causal influence on U.S. military development, what causality in historical research means, and how it can be critically assessed.

Added July 2021

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