Jessica Luepke


University of North Texas


Dr. Vojin Majstorovic and Dr. Michael Wise

Academic Interests:

Martial Culture
Civil-Military Relations
Military Occupations
Second World War


“Adapting to Occupation: Civil-Military Relationships and Martial Culture in America’s Early Twentieth Century”

Bio Note:

Jessica Luepke is a current PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of North Texas. She also is an adjunct professor at Weatherford College. She earned her Associate of Arts (2016) from Tarrant County College and her BA (2018) in History with a minor in military history at the University of Texas at Arlington. In 2020 she received her MA in History with her thesis “What Germany Taught the U.S. Army: Occupational Lessons in Postwar Germany, 1945-1947.” The project focused on how military policies dictated the rebuilding of Germany but caused friction within the occupation troops and the resulting dissent among the soldiers led to a change in the command culture.

Her current research expands upon the lessons learned during occupations to compare how civil-military relations during the Philippine Occupation (1899-1902), Haiti (1915-1917), and Germany (1945-1946) resulted in changes in the culture of the U.S. Armed Forces. Questions surrounding race, gender, and martial culture allow Jessica to draw lines of similarities between the three events and explore the role occupation has in developing cultural normality.

Jessica’s recent projects include a chapter for an anthology on War and Disease. Her contribution explores the role of venereal disease in occupied Germany (1945-1946) and the extent to which the U.S. Army changed occupation policies due to the short-lived epidemic of the summer and fall of 1945. Her recent conference involvement includes presenting at the Society for Military History’s Annual Conference in Fort Worth in May 2022. Jessica is also a member of the American Historical Society and Phi Kappa Phi.

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