Daniel R. Lightfoot, Sr.


American Military University / United States Marine Corps


Dr. Jeffrey M. Leatherwood

Academic Interests:

American Civil War
Antebellum America
The Napoleonic Wars


The Gettysburg Campaign And Traditional Military History: Gettysburg’s Continued Relevancy To Professional Military Education

Bio Note:

Dan is an active-duty Marine Corps infantry Master Sergeant stationed in Gulfport, MS. He received his B.A. in Military History from American Military University in April 2021 and is currently writing his thesis in fulfillment of an M.A. in Military History, concentrating on the American Civil War. His thesis concerns the continued relevance and application of Civil War studies to the Department of Defense’s professional military education programs, specifically focusing on the Battle of Gettysburg and its relevance to understanding the evolution of the art and sciences of warfare.

Dan will retire from the Marine Corps in August 2023 and hopes to work with the Gettysburg National Military Park and the National Parks Service.

Added December 2022

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