Brittany Huner


University of North Texas


Dr. Kate Imy

Academic Interests:

Women's Military History
World War II
US Military History
Public History



Bio Note:

Brittany Huner is a current PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of North Texas. She earned her BA (2013) in History with minors in Theater and Political Science from the University of Northern Colorado. In 2018 she received her MA in History with a minor in Public History – Museums. Her thesis, “Forgotten Soldiers: Memory and Perspectives of American Women’s Military Corps in World War II” focused on how newspapers and magazines presented the women’s military corps and how modern museums remember them.

Her current research continues to examine issues surrounding women and the military during the Second World War. She focuses on questions of utilization of the corps, recruiting, and public relations. Other research interests include women’s military history involving other conflicts and women in medieval Europe.

Brittany has presented at several conferences, the most recent being the Society for Military History’s Annual Meeting in Norfolk, Virginia in May 2021. She has a few projects published, most recently an article about the women’s military corps in 1946 for the National WWII Museum. As part of her work in museums, she helped create museum exhibits for the Auraria campus, the University of Colorado College of Nursing, and participated in an inventory and collections care project for the Colorado Governor’s Residence. Brittany is also a member of the Military History Center at UNT, Phi Alpha Theta, and the Legendary Ladies – a non-profit dedicated to promoting women’s history.

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