Barbara Crouch


Texas Christian University


Dr. Kara Dixon Vuic

Academic Interests:

U.S. Military History
War and Society 20th Century
Race, Gender, Resistance


In the Name of Freedom: Remembering Black Women in the Women’s Army Corps

Bio Note:

Barbara graduated in 2021with a B.A. in History from St. Thomas University in Houston. She currently studies at Texas Christian University under Dr. Kara Dixon Vuic. She will be presenting a section of her thesis, where she examines the relationship between Black women and the WACs, U.S. Military, and NAACP during World War II. She will explore how the experiences and service of Black women shaped and defined the overall role women played in the war effort, and how discrimination impacted service. In doing so, she hopes to encourage more work and research on the participation of Black servicewomen and their legacy in American military history.

Second to her passion for history is Barbara’s passion for baseball.

Added January 2023

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