Upcoming Articles in The Journal of Military History
Last Updated January 2017

Note: This list includes only those articles scheduled to appear in regular issues of The Journal of Military History. Articles scheduled to appear in special issues of The JMH will be listed separately when the contents of those numbers have been finalized.

  • “Those Who Hid Before Them: Desertion, Draft-dodging, Defection and Forced Conscription in Occupied Slovenia, 1941-1945.” By Gregor Kranjc
  • “The School of Experience: George W. Goethals and the U.S. Army, 1876-1907.” By Rory M. McGovern
  • “’A damn hard job’: James A. Van Fleet and the Combat Effectiveness of U.S. Infantry, July 1951-February 1953.” By William M. Donnelly
  • “Prisoner of War Recovery in Europe, 1944-1945.” By Neville Wylie
  • “’The rage of Tory-hunting’: Loyalist Prisoners, Civil War, and the Violent Backdrop to American Independence.” By Cole Jones
  • Historiographical essay: “Francisco Franco as Warrior.” By Lisa Lines
  • “’Done my bit’: British Soldiers, the 1918 Armistice, and Understanding the First World War.” By Alexander Nordlund
  • “Bruno of Merseburg’s Saxon War: A Study in Eleventh-Century German Military History.” By David Bachrach and Bernard Bachrach
  • “’Where there are no Signs of any Human Being’: Navigating the Eastern Country Wilderness in Arnold’s March to Quebec, 1775.” By Daniel S. Soucier
  • "Military Learning and Adaptation Shaped by Social Context: The U.S. Army and its 'IndianWars'." By Samuel J. Watson.
  • "Climate, Environment and Australian Frontier Wars: New South Wales, 1788-1814." By John Connor.
  • "The Battle of Warsaw, 1920: Was Radio Intelligence the Key to Polish Victory over the Red Army?" By Jerzy Borzecki
  • "Adversary and Ally: The Role of Weather in the Life and Career of George Washington." By Cameron Boutin
  • "The Battle of Flodden 1513: Re-examining Warfare in Renaissance Britain." By David Grummitt
  • "Ghost Guerrillas: The CIA and 'Tiger General' Li Zongren's Third Force during the Early Cold War." By Roger Jeans
  • "Holy War and Just War in Early New England, 1630-1655." By Matthew Muehlbauer