SMH Committees

Book Awards Committee
Eugenia Kiesling, U.S. Military Academy
David Preston, The Citadel
Gervase Phillips, Manchester Metropolitan
Margaret Sankey, Air War College
Heather Stur, University of Southern Mississippi, chair

Moncado Prizes Committee
Aime Fox Godden, King's College
Matthew Schonek, Air University
Charissa Joy Threat, Spelman College
Kenneth Swope, University of Southern Mississippi
Jonathan Winkler, Wright State University

Edward M. Coffman First Manuscript Awards Committee
Beth Bailey, University of Kansas (chair)
Lorien Foote, Texas A&M
Brian K. Feltman, Georgia Southern University

Allan R. Millett Dissertation Fellowship Committee
Joan E. Cashin (Chair), Ohio State University
Richard N. Grippaldi, Rutgers-New Brunswick
Ellen D. Tillman, Texas State University

Russell F. Weigley Graduate Student Travel Grants, Jeffrey Grey Memorial Travel Grant, and ABC-Clio Research Grants Award Committee
Chair, Adam Seipp, Texas A&M University
Margaret Hutchison, University of New South Wales-Canberra
Chad Williams, Brandeis University

Society for Military History-George C. Marshall Foundation Prize for the Use of Technology in Teaching Military History
Chair, Ty Seidule, U.S. Military Academy
Barbara Gannon, Central Florida University
Rob Havers, Marshall Foundation

Graduate Student Prize in Applied Military History Committee
Mark Moyar, Center for Military and Diplomatic History (chair)
Peter Mansoor, The Ohio State University
Robert Wettemann, U.S. Air Force Academy
Ellen Tillman, Texas State University

Finance Committee
Craig Felker, Chair
Graham A. Cosmas
David R. Burford
Matthew J. Seelinger, Army Historical Foundation

George C. Marshall Lecture Committee
Leslie Gordon, University of Alabama
John Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chair
Gregory Daddis, Chapman University
Allan R. Millett, University of New Orleans
Rob Havers, George C. Marshall Foundation
Mark Stoler, University of Vermont (Emeritus)

Membership Committee
Andrew Burtch, Canadian War Museum
Lon Strauss, Marine Corps Command and Staff College
Ron Milam, Texas Tech
Kathy Nawyn, Center for Military History
Cameron Zinsou (Graduate Student Representative), Mississippi State

Long Range Planning Committee
Joseph T. Glatthaar, University of North Carolina
Brian M. Linn, Texas A&M University
Timothy K. Nenninger, National Archives
Reina Pennington, Norwich University
Alex Roland, Duke University
Gregory J.W. Urwin, Temple University

SMH Conference Program Committee, 2018
Kara Dixon Vuic, Chair, TCU
Daniel Krebs, ex officio, University of Louisville – conference organizer
Jessica Adler, Florida International University
Joan Cashin, Ohio State University
Nic Clarke, Canadian War Museum
Molly Girard Dorsey, University of New Hampshire
Richard S. Fogarty, University at Albany
Jordan Hayworth, Air Command and Staff College
Jeff Sammons, NYU
James Tallon, Lewis University

SMH Facebook/Twitter Management Team
Gregory N. Stern, Post-Doctoral Fellow, U.S. Naval Academy, Chair
Terry Beckenbaugh, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
Galen Perras, University of Ottawa
\. Mark Grimsley SMH Fellow in Social Media
Mary Elizabeth Walters, Ph.D. Candidate University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

SMH Nominating Committee
Chair, Brian Linn, Texas A&M University
Greg Daddis, Chapman University
Jennifer Speelman, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Committee on Excellence in Teaching Military History
David Silbey, Cornell University, Chair
Lee Eysturlid, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Rick Herrera, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
Wayne Lee, University of North Carolina
Stephen Morillo, Wabash College
Mary Louise Roberts, University of Wisconsin
Clifford Rogers, US Military Academy
Heather Stur, University of Southern Mississippi
Emily Swafford, American Historical Association
Erik Villard, Center of Military History
Jennifer Zoebelein, Kansas State University

Annual Meeting Coordinators
2018 Louisville, KY: Daniel Krebs, University of Louisville
2019 Columbus, OH: Peter Mansoor, Ohio State University
2020, Arlington, Virginia, Matt Seelinger, Army Historical Foundation

SMH Council of Learned Societies Delegate
John W. Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Society is only as good as its members, and one of the best ways to keep the Society strong is to get involved in one of our many committees. If you are interested in serving, contact one of the Society's officers.