Wright State University

Degrees Offered:
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Prof. Paul D. Lockhart
War and Society
Department of History
Wright State University
3640 Col. Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45435
Phone: 937-775-3111
Email: [email protected]

Military History Faculty
Paul D. Lockhart (PhD, Purdue University, 1989)
- European and American military history
- Military Technology
- Early Modern Europe
Jonathan Reed Winkler (PhD, Yale University, 2004)
- U.S. foreign relations
- Modern military/naval
- International history
- Strategic studies
Edward F. Haas (PhD, University of Maryland, 1972)
- Civil War
- U.S. South
- Urban history
Carol Engelhardt Herringer (PhD, Indiana University, 1997; Department Chair)
- Victorian Britain
- Early Modern and Modern Britain
Noeleen McIlvenna (PhD, Duke University, 2004)
- Colonial America
- American Revolution
- British Empire
Sean Pollock (PhD, Harvard University, 2006)
- Imperial Russia
- Comparative empires

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