Omobolanle Joseph Akinniyi


Cornell University


Prof. Judith Byfield, Prof. Sandra Greene & Prof. Barry Strauss

Academic Interests:

African Military History
Nigerian Civil War
War memory
Trauma & Commemoration


"Beyond Victimhood: Biafran Women, the Homefront and the Burden of War in Biafra"

Bio Note:

Omobolanle Joseph Akinniyi earned his BA and MA (Distinction) in African History (with a minor specialization in Strategic Studies) at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently a Ph.D. student in History at Cornell University under the joint supervision of Professors Judith Byfield (African/Nigerian History), Sandra Greene (Gender History), and Barry Strauss (Military History). More broadly, his research geographically focuses on 20th-century Africa and thematically straddles Military History and Gender History. He is also interested in war memory, trauma, and commemoration.

His proposed thesis places women at the center of the analysis of the Nigerian Civil War. The research, looking beyond the popular narratives of victimhood, explores the contribution of Nigerian women as combatants and non-combatants on the war front and homefront during the Nigerian Civil War. It investigates the resultant dearth of men on the homefront and the implication this had on food production, gender roles, and family structures.

Added October 2022

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