Anne-Lise Dall'Agnola


Université Paris 8 (France)


Dominique Memmi

Academic Interests:

Social history
Post 9-11
Disabled veterans
Veterans and disabled veteran's organizations


Harmed Forces. S’engager par corps dans les armées française et américaine aujourd’hui. [Harmed Forces. Engaging one’s body through military service in France and the United States nowadays ] (working title)

Bio Note:

Anne-Lise Dall'Agnola is currently working on her dissertation at the Université Paris 8 in Paris France. She compares disabled veterans social representations and veterans care systems in France and the US since 9-11.

She majored in sociology and graduated in 2015 from the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales where she learned the value of interdisciplinarity. Her qualitative approach since spans from ethnographic observations and semi-directive interviews to semiotics and archive work.

Fulbright Laureate in 2016, she spent 18 months with the History department at the Ohio State University under Bruno Cabanes' supervision.
She currently teaches, in French and in English, classes related to body sociology, social history of physical activities and adapted physical activities.

Added June 2021

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