SMH 2021 Exhibitor/Virtual Exhibitor/Advertiser Information

We appreciate your support of the Society for Military History and hope you can join us for our traditional in-person conference in Norfolk, 20-23 May. If, however, COVID concerns or corporate limitations prevent you from attending, we encourage you to still take advantage of our Virtual Marketplace for online exhibits and our advertising opportunities to place your material in both our digital and hard copy Conference Program.
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Here are the rates and submission information for In-person Exhibits in Norfolk as well as the rates for our Virtual Marketplace and our Conference Program advertising.

In-Person Booth Rates:
Single Booth (10’ x 10’)    $1,000.00
Double Booth (10’ x 20’)   $1,500.00
Non-profit university publishers receive a 10% discount.
Government agencies & non-profit historical societies receive a 30% discount.
Virtual Marketplace Rates:
1 April - 1 July:   $500.00
1 May - 1 July:   $450.00

Rate includes:
  • hosting your content on our Conference Virtual Marketplace through 1 July
  • hosting your front page on our rotating digital marquee across from the Conference Registration desk, the main artery into the conference area)
  • including your name and website in our conference program (both hard copy and digital) under “digital exhibits”
  • projecting your front page in our Exhibition Hall as part of our rotating presentation of digital exhibits
  • placing copies of your catalog (hard copy) in the exhibit hall with a sign identifying you.  (Shipping to JFSC not included.  Material not taken will be recycled and not returned.)
This rate compares favorably to the SMH advertising rate of $125 per month as it also includes heavy rotation of your front page to our in-person attendees and placement of your hard copy catalog in an easily accessible and conspicuous location in the exhibit hall. 
Program Advertising Rates (includes both print and digital versions of the conference program):
  • Black & White 1/2 page (3.75” long x 4.5” wide):   $150.00
  • Black & White Full page (7.5” long x 4.5” wide:   $300.00
  • Black & White 2 pages:   $600.00
  • Black & White 3 pages:   $900.00
  • Color Back Page:   $800.00

Submission and Display Information for Virtual Marketplace
  • There will be a landing page for the Virtual Marketplace ( that will feature logos for each vendor. Logos should be 200 x 200 pixels (any format)
  • Clicking on each logo will take viewers either to the vendor's URL OR to a vendor-specific page on the conference site. The need to click will be indicated at the top of the Virtual Marketplace page.
  • If using a vendor page on the SMH site, vendors can provide a graphic of their choice (any format) that is no more than 800 pixels wide and any height. That graphic can then be linked to a URL directing viewers back to the vendor’s site. Vendors can also populate a text box below the graphic with text of their choice, and the text can include embedded URL’s.
  • Please email all information to for posting by either the April 1st or May 1st deadlines.

Submission Information for Digital and Print Programs
Please email electronic files (300 dpi is fine for print) to both and Copy for the print version has a May 1st deadline. Almost any format works: jpeg, pdf, tiff, png.
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