The Moncado Prizes
The Moncado Prizes (an engraved plaque and $200) are normally awarded annually to the authors of the four best articles published in The Journal of Military History during the previous calendar year.

2019 Moncado Prize Winners:

  • Andrea Siotto (Temple University), “Mapping the First World War: The Empowering Development of Mapmaking during the First World War in the British Army,” The Journal of Military History 82 (January 2018)
  • Brian Drohan (U.S. Military Academy), “Unintended Consequences: Baton Rounds, Riots, and Counterinsurgency in Northern Ireland, 1970–1981,” The Journal of Military History 82 (April 2018)
  • Perry Biddiscombe (University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), “The Mufti’s Men: Haj Amin al-Husayni and SS Parachute Expeditions to Palestine and Iraq, 1944–1945," The Journal of Military History 82 (July 2018)
  • Thomas M. Jamison (Harvard University), “The War of the Pacific, Technology and U.S. Naval Development: An International History of Regional War,” The Journal of Military History 82 (October 2018)

2018 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Gregor Kranjc, “Fight or Flight: Desertion, Defection, and Draft-Dodging in Occupied Slovenia, 1941–1945,” The Journal of Military History 81 (January 2017)
  • Rory M. McGovern, “The School of Experience: George W. Goethals and the U.S. Army, 1876–1907,” The Journal of Military History 81 (April 2017)
  • Matthew S. Muehlbauer, “Holy War and Just War in Early New England, 1630–1655”, The Journal of Military History 81 (July 2017)
  • Michael Sturma, “Coco Solo Submarines: Protecting the Panama Canal, 1941–1942,” The Journal of Military History 81 (October 2017)

2017 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Thomas Dodman, "1814 and the Melancholy of War," The Journal of Military History 80 (January 2016)
  • Richard Hammond, "Fighting Under a Different Flag: Multinational Naval Cooperation and Submarine Warfare in the Mediterranean, 1940-1944,” The Journal of Military History 80 (April 2016)
  • James Matthews, "Battling Bolshevik Bogeymen: Spain’s Cordon Sanitaire against Revolution from a European Perspective, 1917-1923,” The Journal of Military History 80 (July 2016)
  • Robert N. Watt, “An Exodus to Nowhere”?: Victorio’s Tres Castillos Campaign, September – October 1880,” The Journal of Military History 80 (October 2016)

2016 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Ricardo A. Herrera, "'[T]he zealous activity of Capt. Lee': Light-Horse Harry Lee and Petite Guerre," The Journal of Military History 79 (January 2015)
  • Vanya Eftimova Bellinger, "The Other Clausewitz: Findings from the Newly Discovered Correspondence between Marie and Carl von Clausewitz,” The Journal of Military History 79 (April 2015)
  • Kenneth M. Swope, "Manifesting Awe: Grand Strategy and Imperial Leadership in the Ming Dynasty,” The Journal of Military History 79 (July 2015)
  • Elizabeth Greenhalgh, "General Ferdinand Foch and Unified Allied Command in 1918,” The Journal of Military History 79 (October 2015)

2015 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Brian N. Hall, “Technological Adaptation in a Global Conflict: The British Army and Communications beyond the Western Front, 1914-1918," The Journal of Military History 78 (January 2014)
  • J. C. A. Stagg, “Freedom and Subordination: Disciplinary Problems in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812,” The Journal of Military History 78 (April 2014)
  • Christina J. M. Goulter, “The Greek Civil War: A National Army’s Counterinsurgency Triumph,” The Journal of Military History 78 (July 2014)
  • Kevin M. Boylan, “No ‘Technical Knockout’: Giap’s Artillery at Dien Bien Phu.” The Journal of Military History 78 (October 2014)

2014 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Jonathan Krause, “The French Battle for Vimy Ridge, Spring 1915,” The Journal of Military History 77 (January 2013)
  • Ken Young, “Special Weapon, Special Relationship: The Atomic Bomb Comes to Britain,” The Journal of Military History 77 (April 2013)
  • Bruce Collins, “Defining Victor in Victorian Warfare, 1860-1882,” The Journal of Military History 77 (July 2013)
  • Thomas Bruscino, “Naturally Clausewitzian: U.S. Army Theory and Education from Reconstruction to the Interwar Years,” The Journal of Military History 77 (October 2013)

2013 Moncado Prize Winners:
This year, the Moncado Awards Committee deemed two articles in issue Number 1 worthy of the award.
  • Huw J. Davies, “Diplomats as Spymasters: A Case Study of the Peninsular War, 1809-1813,” The Journal of Military History 76 (January 2012)
  • Jay Lockenour, “Black and White Memories of War: Victimization and Violence in West German War Films of the 1950s,” The Journal of Military History 76 (January 2012)
  • Nate Probasco, “The Role of Commoners and Print in Elizabethan England’s Acceptance of Firearms,” The Journal of Military History 76 (April 2012)
  • David R. Stone, “Misreading Svechin: Attrition, Annihilation and Historicism,” The Journal of Military History 76 (July 2012)
  • Donald E. Graves, “Why the White House Was Burned: An Investigation into the British Destruction of Public Buildings at Washington in August 1814,” The Journal of Military History 76 (October 2012)

2012 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Ilya Berkovich, “The Battle of Forbie and the Second Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem,” The Journal of Military History 75 (January 2011)
  • Robert T. Foley, “Learning War’s Lessons:  the German Army and the Battle of the Somme,” The Journal of Military History 75 (April 2011)
  • Ian Germani, “Terror in the Army:  Representatives on Mission and Military Discipline in the Armies of the French Revolution,” The Journal of Military History 75 (July 2011)
  • William M. Donnelly, “Bilko’s Army:  A Crisis in Command,” The Journal of Military History 75 (October 2011)

2011 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Yuval Noah Harari, “Armchairs, Coffee, and Authority: Eye-witnesses and Flesh-witnesses Speak about War,” The Journal of Military History 74 (January 2010)
  • Marc Milner, “Stopping the Panzers: Reassessing the Role of 3rd Canadian Infantry Division in Normandy, 7-10 June 1944,” The Journal of Military History 74 (April 2010)
  • Greg Kennedy, “Anglo-American Strategic Relations and Intelligence Assessments of Japanese Air Power 1934-1941,” The Journal of Military History 74 (July 2010)
  • John T. Kuehn, “The U.S. Navy General Board and Naval Arms Limitation: 1922-1937,” The Journal of Military History 74 (October 2010)

2010 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • John Morgan, “War Feeding War? The Impact of Logistics on the Napoleonic Occupation of Catalonia,” The Journal of Military History 73 (January 2009)
  • Irving W. Levinson, “A New Paradigm for an Old Conflict: The Mexico-United States War,” The Journal of Military History 73 (April 2009)
  • Brian Holden Reid, “Michael Howard and the Evolution of Modern War Studies,” The Journal of Military History 73 (July 2009)
  • Kevin M. Boylan, “The Red Queen’s Race: Operation Washington Green and Pacification, 1969-70,” The Journal of Military History 73 (October 2009)

2009 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Bradley Lynn Coleman, “Recovering the Korean War Dead, 1950-1958: Graves Registration, Forensic Anthropology, and Wartime Memorialization,” The Journal of Military History 72 (January 2008)
  • Kenneth P. Werrell, "Across the Yalu: Rules of Engagement and the Communist Air Sanctuary during the Korean War," The Journal of Military History 72 (April 2008)
  • Edward L. Dreyer, “Zhao Chongguo: A Professional Soldier of the Former Han Dynasty,” The Journal of Military History 72 (July 2008)
  • Andrew J. Birtle, “PROVN, Westmoreland, and the Historians: A Reappraisal," The Journal of Military History 72 (October 2008)

2008 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Donald Kagay, "The Defense of the Crown of Aragon during the War of the Two Pedros, 1356-1366," The Journal of Military History 71 (January 2007)
  • Lorraine White, "Strategic Geography and the Spanish Habsburg Monarchy's Failure to Recover Portugal, 1640-1668." The Journal of Military History 71 (April 2007)
  • William Philpott and Martin Alexander, "The French and British Field Force: Moral Support or Material Contribution?" The Journal of Military History 71 (July 2007)
  • Douglas Peifer, "The Past in the Present: Passion, Politics, and the Historical Profession in the German and British Pardons Campaign." The Journal of Military History 71 (October 2007)

2007 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Andrea Brady, "Dying with Honour: Literary Propaganda and the Second English Civil War," The Journal of Military History 70 (January 2006): 9-30.
  • Stephen R. Ortiz, "The 'New Deal' for Veterans: The Economy Act, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Origins of New Deal Dissent," The Journal of Military History 70 (April 2006): 415-438.
  • Tim Cook, "The Politics of Surrender: Canadian Soldiers and the Killing of Prisoners in the Great War," The Journal of Military History 70 (July 2006): 637-666.
  • Ciro Paoletti, "Prince Eugene of Savoy, the Toulon Expedition of 1707, and the English Historians-A Dissenting View," The Journal of Military History 70 (October 2006): 939-962.

2006 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Kenneth Swope, "Crouching Tigers, Secret Weapons"
  • Nicholas Lambert, "Strategic Command and Control for Maneuver Warfare"
  • Kaushik Roy, "Military Synthesis in South Asia"
  • Timothy Mulligan, "Ship of the Line or Atlantic Raider?"

2005 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Roger V. Dingman, "Language at War: US Marine Corps Japanese Language Officers in the Pacific War"
  • Robert S. Burrell, "Breaking the Cycle of Iwo Jima Mythology: A Strategic Study of Operation Detachment"
  • Joseph C. Fitzharris, "Field Officer Courts and US Civil War Military Justice"
  • G. J. Bryant, "Asymetric Warfare: The British Experience in Eighteenth-Century India"

2004 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Michael V. Leggiere, "From Berlin to Leipzig: Napoleon's Gamble in North Germany, 1813"
  • Robert A. Doughty, "French Strategy in 1914: Joffre's Own"
  • Terence M. Holmes, "Classical Blitzkrieg: The Untimely Modernity of Schlieffen's Cannae Programme"
  • Jon Tetsuro Sumida, "A Matter of Timing: The Royal Navy and the Tactics of Decisive Battle, 1912-1916"

2003 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Patrick J. Kelly, "Strategy, Tactics and Turf Wars: Tirpitz and the Oberkommando der Marine, 1892-1895"
  • Brian M. Linn, "The American Way of War Revisited"
  • Roger R. Reese, "Red Army Professionalism and the Communist Party."
  • Thomas R. Searle, "'It Made a Lot of Sense to Kill Skilled Workers': The Firebombing of Tokyo in March 1945"

2002 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • David J. Fitzpatrick, "Emory Upton and the Citizen Soldier"
  • Edward Westermann, "Fighting for the Heavens from the Ground: German Ground-based Air Defenses in the Great War, 1914-1918"
  • Michael Coles, "Ernest J. King And The British Pacific Fleet: The Conferences at Quebec, 1944 ("Octagon")"
  • Michael I. Whitby, "Matelots, Martinets, and Mutineers: The Mutiny in HCMS Iroquois, 19 July 1943"

2001 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Tan Tai-Yong, "An Imperial Home-Front: Punjab and the First World War."
  • Gian P. Gentile, "Shaping the Past Battlefield, 'For the Future'" The United States Strategic Bombing Survey's Evaluation of the American Air War Against Japan."
  • Harold R. Winton, "Toward An American Philosophy of Command."

2000 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • D. George Boyce, "From Assaye to the Assaye: Reflections on British Government, Force and Moral Authority in India."
  • John Ferris, "Fighter Defence Before Fighter Command: The Rise of Strategic Air Defence in Great Britain, 1917-1934."
  • William Rawling, "The Challenge of Modernization: The Royal Canadian Navy and Antisubmarine Weapons, 1944-1945."
  • Conrad C. Crane, "Raiding the Beggar's Pantry: The Search for Airpower Strategy in the Korean War."

1999 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Nicholas A. Lambert, "'Our Bloody Ships' or 'Our Bloody System'? Jutland and the Loss of the Battle Cruisers, 1916."
  • Robert G. Angevine, "The Rise and Fall of the Office of Naval Intelligence, 1882-1892: A Technological Perspective."
  • Xiaoming Zhang, "China and the Air War in Korea, 1950-1953."
  • Mark R. Grandstaff, "Preserving the 'Habits and Usages of War': William Tecumseh Sherman, Professional Reform, and the U.S. Army Officer Corps, 1865-1881, Revisited."

1998 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • A. J. Bacevich, "The Paradox of Professionalism: Eisenhower, Ridgway, and the Challenge to Civilian Control, 1953-1955," 61/2:303-333.
  • David T. Fautua, "The Long Pull Army: NSC 68, the Korean War, and the Creation of the Cold War U.S. Army," 61/1: 93-120.
  • D. M. Giangreco, "Casualty Projections for the U.S. Invasions of Japan, 1945-1946: Planning and Policy Implications," 61/3: 521-581.
  • Michael A. Palmer, "'The Soul's Right Hand': Command and Control in the Age of Fighting Sail, 1652-1827," 61/4: 679-705.

1997 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Antulio J. Echevarria, "General Staff Historian Hugo Freiherr von Freytag-Loringhoven and the Dialectics of German Military Thought," 60/3: 471-494.
  • Phillip S. Meilinger, "Trenchard and 'Morale Bombing': The Evolution of Royal Air Force Doctrine Before World War II," 60/2: 243-270.
  • Antonio Santosuosso, "Kadesh Revisited: Reconstruction of the Battle Between the Egyptians and the Hittites," 60/3: 423-444.
  • Xiaoming Zhang, "The Vietnam War, 1964-1969: A Chinese Perspective," 60/4: 731-762.

1996 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Daniel Hughes, " Schlichting, Schlieffen, and the Prussian Theory of War in 1914," 59/2: 257-277.
  • Nicholas Lambert, "Admiral Sir John Fisher and the Concept of Flotilla Defense, 1904-1909," 59/4: 639-660.
  • Jon Sumida, "Sir John Fisher and the Dreadnought: The Source of Naval Mythology." 59/4: 619-637.
  • Geoffrey Wawro, "An 'Army of Pigs': The Technical, Social and Political Bases of Austrian Shock Tactics, 1859-1866," 59/3: 407-433.

1995 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Mark Clodfelter, "Pinpointing Devastation: American Air Campaign Planning Before Pearl Harbor," 58/1: 75-80.
  • Edward M. Coffman, "The American 15th Infantry Regiment in China, 1912-1935," 58/1: 57-74.
  • Timothy Nenninger, "Leavenworth and Its Critics: The U.S. Army Command and General Staff School, 1920-1940," 58/2: 199-231.
  • John Nolan, "The Militarization of the Elizabethan State." 58/3: 391-420.

1994 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • D'Ann Campbell, "Women in Combat: The World War II experience in the United States, Great Britain, Germany and the Soviet Union," 57/2: 301-323.
  • Clifford Rogers, "The Military Revolutions of the Hundred Years War," 57/2: 241-278.
  • Jon Sumida, "British Naval Operational Logistics, 1914-1918," 57/3: 447-480.
  • Everett Wheeler, "Methodological Limits and the Mirages of Roman Strategy," 57/1: 7-41.

1993 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • William M McBride, "The "Greatest Patron of Science"?: The Navy-Academia Alliance and U.S. Naval Research, 1896-1923," 56/1: 7-34.
  • Jeffrey Gunsburg, "The Battle of the Belgian Plain, 12-14 May 1940: The First Great Tank Battle," 56/2: 207-244.
  • Dale Wilson, "Recipe for Failure: Major General Edward M. Almond and Preparation of the U.S. 92d Infantry Division for Combat in World War II," 56/3: 473-488.
  • Lawrence Sondhaus, "Strategy, Tactics, and the Politics of Penury: The Austro-Hungarian Navy and the Jeune Ecole"," 56/4: 587-602.

1992 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • John Shiner, "The General and the Subcommittee: Congress and U.S. Army Air Corps Chief Benjamin Foulois, 1934-35," 55/4: 487-506.
  • Leonard V Smith, "The Disciplinary Dilemma of French Military Justice, September 1914-April 1917," 55/1: 47-68.
  • Mark A. Vargas, "The Military Justice System and the Use of Illegal Punishments as Causes of Desertion in the U.S Army, 1821-1835," 55/1: 1-19.
  • Robert Epstein, "Creation and Evolution of the Army Corps in the American Civil War," 55/1: 21-46.

1991 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Janann Sherman, "They Either Need These Women or They Do Not': Margaret Chase Smith and the Fight for Regular Status for Women in the Military," 54/1: 47-78.
  • George Raudzens, "War-Winning Weapons: The Measurement of Technological Determinism in Military History," 54/4: 403-434.
  • Charles J. Gross, "George Owen Squier and the Origins of American Military Aviation," 54/3: 281-306.
  • William B Skelton, "Social Roots of the American Military Profession: The Officer Corps of America's First Peacetime Army, 1784-1789," 54/4: 435-452.

1990 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Donald Horward, "Jean-Jacques Pelet: Warrior of the Sword and Pen," 53/1: 1-22.
  • Gunther Rothenburg, "The Austro Hungarian Campaign against Serbia in 1914," 53/2: 127-146.
  • Robert Berlin, "United States Army Corps Commanders: A Composite Biography," 53/2: 147-168.
  • Peter Paret, "Military Power," 53/3: 239-256.

1989 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Roger Anders, "The Atomic Bomb and the Korean War: Gordon Dean and the Issue of Civilian Control," 52/1: 1-6.
  • Clark Reynolds, "John H. Tower, the Morrow Board, and Reform of the Navy's Aviation," 52/2: 78-84.
  • Mark Clodfelter, "Between Virtue and Necessity: Nathaniel Greene and the Conflict of Civil Military Relations in the South, 1780-1782," 52/4: 169-175.
  • Edward Mark, "A New Look at Operation Strangle," 52/4: 176-184.

1988 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • James Sadkovich, "The Development of the Italian Air Force Prior to World War II," 51/3: 128-136.
  • Timothy Nenninger, "Tactical Dysfunction in the AEF," 51/4: 177-181.
  • Brian Linn, "Provincial Pacification in the Philippines, 1900-1901: The First District, Department of Northern Luzon," 51/2: 62-66.
  • William McAndrew, "Fire or Movement? Canadian Tactical Doctrine, Sicily-1943," 51/3: 140-145.

1987 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Alvin D. Coox, "Repulsing the Pearl Harbor Revisionists: The State of the Present Literature on the Debacle," 50/1: 29-31.
  • Andre Ausems, "The Netherlands Military Intelligence Summaries, 1939-1940 and the Defeat of the Blitzkrieg of May 1940," 50/4: 190-199.
  • Edward Goedeken, "Charles Dawes and the Military Board of Allied Supply," 50/1: 1-6.
  • J.W. A. Whitehorne, "The Survival of the Duquesne Grays, 1917," 50/4: 179-184.

1986 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Timothy Mulligan, "The German Navy Evaluates Its Cryptographic Security, October 1941," 49/2: 75-79.
  • Charles Gross, "The Birth of the Air National Guard, 1943-1946," 49/2: 49/2: 69-74.
  • Archer Jones and Andrew Keogh, "The Dreadnought Revolution: Another Look," 49/3: 124-131.
  • Paul Douglas Humphries, "Of Arms and Men' Siege and Battle Tactics in the Catalan Grand Chronicles," 49/4: 173-178.

1985 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Ernest Andrade, Jr., "The Cruiser Controversy in Naval Limitations Negotiations, 1922-1936," 48/3; 113-120.
  • Edward Drea, "Missing Intentions: Japanese Intelligence and the Soviet Invasion of Manchuria, 1945," 48/2: 66-73.
  • John D. Milligan, "From Theory to Application: The Emergence of the American Ironclad War Vessel," 48/1: 126-132.
  • William P. Snyder "Walter Bedell Smith: Eisenhower's Chief of Staff," 48/1: 6-14.

1984 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Daniel Beaver, "Politics and Policy: The War Department Motorization and Standardization Program for Wheeled Transport Vehicles, 1920-1940," 47/3: 101-108.
  • George Q Flynn, "Lewis Hershey and the Conscientious Objector: The World War II Experience," 47/1: 1-6.
  • Donal Sexton, "Phantoms of the North: British Deceptions in Scandinavia, 1941-1944," 47/3: 109-114.
  • Thomas Watkins, "Roman Legionary Fortresses and the Cities of Modern Europe," 47/1: 15-25.

1983 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • George Herring, "American Strategy in Vietnam: The Postwar Debate," 46/2: 57-63.
  • W.A. Jacobs, "Air Support for the British Army, 1939-1943," 46/4: 174-182.
  • John Sbrega, "Anglo-American Relations and the Selection of Mountbatten as Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia," 46/3: 139-145.
  • Joseph L. Strange, "The British Rejection of Operation SLEDGEHAMMER, An Alternative Motive," 46/1: 6-14.

1982 Moncado Prize Winners:

1981 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Thomas Hone and Norman Friedman, "Innovation and Administration in the Navy Department: The Case of the Nevada Design," 45/2: 57-62.
  • Edward Longacre, "Black Troops in the Army of the James, 1863-65," 45/1: 1-8.
  • John Y. Simon, "Grant at Belmont," 45/4: 161-166.
  • Philip Towle, "The Montreux Convention as a Regional Arms Control Treaty-Negotiation and Practice," 45/3: 121-126.

1980 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Don W. Alexander, "French Replacement Methods during the Peninsular War, 1808-1814," 44/4: 192-197.
  • Harry R. Borowski, "Air Force Atomic Capability from V-J Day to the Berlin Blockade-Potential or Real?," 44/3: 105-110.
  • Edward Hagerman, "The Reorganization of Field Transportation and Field Supply in the Army of the Potomac, 1863: The Flying Column and Strategic Mobility," 44/4: 182-186.
  • Dennis Showalter, "The Retaming of Bellona: Prussia and the Institutionalization of the Napoleonic Legacy, 1815-1876," 44/2: 57-63.

1979 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Sylvia Frey, "Courts and Cats: British Military Justice in the Eighteenth Century," 43/1: 5-11.
  • Robert Griffith, Jr. "Quality Not Quantity: The Volunteer Army During the Depression," 43/4: 171-177.
  • Ronald Haycock, "The American Legion in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1917: A Study in Failure," 43/3: 115-119.
  • Michael Peszke, "Poland's Preparation for World War Two," 43/1: 18-25.

1978 Moncado Prize Winners:
An AMI awards committee becomes responsible for the selection of the Moncado Prize
  • Harriette L. Handler, "Another View of Operation Crossword: A Revision of Kolko," 42/2: 68-74.
  • Arthur Gilbert, "Charles Jenkinson and the Last Army Press, 1779," 42/1: 7-11.
  • John F. Shiner, "Birth of the GHQ Air Force," 42/3: 113-120.
  • S. J. Stearns, "A Problem of Logistics in the Early 17th Century: The Siege of Re," 42/3: 121-126.

1977 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Don R. Bowen "Quantrill, James, Younger, et al.: Leadership in a Guerrilla Movement, Missouri, 1861-1865," 41/1: 42-48.
  • Martin Kitchen, "Friedrich Engels Theory of War," 41/3: 119-124.
  • John Lynn, "French Opinion and the Military Resurrection of the Pike, 1792-1794," 41/1: 1-7.
  • William Shea, "Virginia at War, 1644-1646," 41/3: 142-147.

1976 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Don Alexander, "French Military Problems in Counterinsurgent Warfare in Northeastern Spain, 1808-1813," 40/3: 117-122.
  • Russell Gilmore, "'The New Courage': Rifles and Soldier Individualism, 1876-1918," 40/3: 97-102.
  • Jonathan House, "The Decisive Attack: A New Look at French Infantry Tactics on the Eve of World War I," 40/4: 164-169.
  • Gunther E. Rothenberg, "Nobility and Military Careers: The Habsburg Officer Corps, 1740-1914," 40/4: 182-186.

1975 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Glen St. John Barclay "Singapore Strategy: The Role of the United States in Imperial Defense," 39/2: 54-59.
  • J. Bowyer Bell "The Conciliation of Insurgency: The Sudanese Experience," 39/3: 105-114.
  • Brereton Greenhous, "Evolution of a Close Ground-Support Role for Aircraft in World War I," 39/1: 22-28.
  • Clark G. Reynolds, "American Strategic History and Doctrines: A Reconsideration," 39/4: 181-191.

1974 Moncado Prize Winners:
Awards not announced in Military Affairs of that year. Victor Gondos's death complicates the awards process.
  • Alan Wilt, ""Shark" and `Harpoon": German Cover Operations Against Great Britain in 1941," 38/1: 1-4.
  • Raymond G. O'Connor, "The U.S. Marines in the 20 Century: Amphibious Warfare and Doctrinal Debates," 38/3: 97-103.
  • Edward Ezell, "Cracks in the Post War Anglo-American Alliance: The Great Rifle Controversy, 1947-1957," 38/4: 138-140.

1973 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Gerald R. Kleinfeld and Lewis Tambs, "North to Russia: The Spanish Blue Division in World War II," 37/1: 8-13.
  • Gunther E. Rothenberg, "The Habsburg Army in the Napoleonic Wars," 37/1: 1-5.
  • Ronald Schaffer, "General Stanley D. Embick: Military Dissenter," 37/3: 89-95.

1972 Moncado Prize Winners:

1971 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Richard W. Steele, "Political Aspects of American Military Planning, 1941-1942," 35/2: 68-74.
  • Arthur L. Funk, "Eisenhower, Giraud, and the Command of 'Torch'," 35/3: 103-108.

1970 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Peter Paret, "Nationalism and the Sense of Military Obligation," 34/1: 2-6.
  • K. Jack Bauer, "The United States Navy and Texas Independence: A Study in Jacksonian Integrity," 34/2: 44-48.

1969 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Richard Marcus, "The Connecticut Valley: A Problem in Intercolonial Defense," 33/1: 230-242.
  • Raymond Garthoff, "The Soviet Manchurian Campaign, August 1945," 33/2: 312-336.
  • Honorable Mention: Frank Cassell, "Baltimore in 1813: A Study of Urban Defense in the War of 1812," 33/3: 349-361.
  • Honorable Mention: Louis Cantor, "Elihu Root and the National Guard: Friend or Foe?," 33/3: 361-373.
  • Honorable Mention: Daniel Kevles, "Flash and Sound in the AEF: The History of a Technical Service," 33/3: 374-384.

1968 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Jeffrey Kimball, "The Battle of Chippewa: Infantry Tactics in the War of 1812," 31/4: 169-186.
  • James A. Huston, "The Logistics of Arnold's March to Quebec," 32/3: 110-124.

1967 Moncado Prize Winners:

1966 Moncado Prize Winners:

1965 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Graham A. Cosmas, "From Order to Chaos: The War Department, the National Guard, and Military Policy, 1898," 29/3: 105-122.
  • Commendation: Richard Blanco, "Reform and Wellington's Post Waterloo Army, 1815-1854," 29/3: 123-132.
  • Commendation: Kenneth L. Moll, "Politics, Power, and Panic: Britain's 1909 Dreadnought Gap," 29/3: 133-144.

1964 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Colonel John R. Elting, "Jomini: Disciple of Napoleon?," 28/1: 17-26.
  • John G. Moore, "The Batttle of Chantilly," 28/2: 49-63.

1963 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Jay Luvaas, "The First British Official Historians," 26/2: 49-58.
  • Richard Weinert, "The Confederate Regular Army," 26/3: 97-107.
  • Honorable Mention: Edward Coffman, "The Battle Against Red Tape: Business Methods of the War Department General Staff 1917-1918," 26/1: 1-10.
  • Honorable Mention: John Killigrew, "The Army and the Bonus Incident," 26/2: 59-65.
  • Honorable Mention: Josephine Cobb, "Photographers of the Civil War," 26/3: 127-135.

1962 Moncado Prize Winners:

1961 Moncado Prize Winners:
  • Ralph W. Donnelly, "Rocket Batteries of the Civil War," 235/2: 69-93.
  • Honorable Mention: John K Mahon, "Civil War Infantry Assault Tactics," 25/2: 57-68.

1960 Moncado Prize Winners:

1959 Moncado Prize Winners:

  • Col. Elbridge Colby, "Elihu Root and the National Guard," 23/1: 28-34+20.
  • Prof. Arvel B. Erickson, "Abolition of Purchase in the British Army," 23/2: 65-76.
  • Commendation for Russell Weigley, "The Military Thought of John M. Schofield," 23/2: 77-84.

December 15, 1958 - Award rules are again altered to include quarterly articles in Military Affairs

1957 - Award rules are altered to include articles in Military Affairs as eligible for the prize.

1956 - No prize awarded.

1955 Moncado Prize (manuscript/book)
  • Otis A Singletary, "The Negro Militia Movement during Radical Reconstruction"

1954 - No prize awarded.

1953 - No prize awarded.

1952 - No prize awarded.

1951 Moncado Prize (Thereafter, the prize became a biennial cash prize of $200 for any book length manuscript relating to "the military.")
  • J. Franklin Leach, "The Law, Theory, and Politics of Conscription in the United States" (a doctoral dissertation later published in 1952)