And Now For Something Completely Different…

Actually, not so much ‘different’, as ‘earlier’. Earlier modern that is. The SMH, possibly aware of my status as one of the world’s few self-identifying academic early modern European military historians, and probably unaware of my status as one of the few military historians who didn’t grow up reading about the Civil War and World War II, has chosen me to help Brian represent the early modern tribe on this blog. And represent I shall. Admittedly, I won’t be able to contribute much to debates over whether Trenchard wanted to bombard protesters into submission or whether Nigerian female activists believed that Clausewitz ever finished his magnum opus On War, though I may have one or two comments on early modern military culture. I do, however, plan to dedicate my contributions towards a discussion of early modern military history in the broader context of military history writ large. Sometimes this will take the form of me chiming in with “Us too! We have that in early modern Europe also!” and “But, but, early modern warfare wasn’t really like that at all!” Occasionally I’ll have something a bit more original to say.

As my contributions here will parallel my personal blog (to those uninitiated: Skulking in Holes and Corners, at, a division of labor will be necessary. Skulking will continue delving into the minutiae of early modern warfare, while my contributions here will tend more towards the contextual: discussing broader debates in early modern military historiography and their relevance to military history more generally, hinting at early modern precedents to modern military phenomena, distinguishing early modern practices and mentalities from more recent ones, and generally pestering military historians to remember that war existed before Napoleon and Clausewitz, and that it needs to be understood on its own terms.

But now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Welcome–and Front & Center

Welcome to the official blog of the Society for Military History.  It will be devoted to all things related to academic military history, including historical perspective on current national security matters.

For our maiden post, we call attention to the blog maintained by SMH member Rob Citino.  Entitled Front & Center, it offers insights into numerous aspects of World War II history.

Recent topics include:

Just Right:  the B-17/P-51 Combination;and two posts on the October 1944 battle of Leyte Gulf: Playing the Odds:  The Battle of Leyte Gulf and Irrational Actors:  The Battle of Leyte Gulf

The posts are always pithy, insightful, and well worth taking time to read.