Penn State University

Degrees Offered:
MA and PhD
Point of Contact:
Prof. Carol Reardon
108 Weaver Building
History Department
Penn State University
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-1641
[email protected]

Military History Faculty
Carol Reardon (PhD, University of Kentucky, 1987)
- US Military
- Civil War
- Vietnam
- Memory
Mark E. Neely, Jr. (PhD, Yale University, 1973)
- Civil War-era Civil-Military Relations
Sophie de Schaepdrijver (PhD, Amsterdam, 1990)
- WWI Europe
- Memory
- Low Countries
Sylvia Neely (PhD, Notre Dame, 1991)
- Napoleonic France
William A. Blair (PhD, Penn State University, 1995)
- Civil War Social History
Garrett G. Fagan (PhD, McMaster University, 1993)
- Roman History
Mark Munn (PhD, Pennsylvania, 1983)
- Ancient Greece
Benjamin T. Hudson (PhD, Oxford, 1983)
- Early Scotland, England and Ireland

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