Sarah Parry Myers


Texas Tech University - PhD Candidate


Dr. Julie Willett & Dr. Ron Milam

Academic Interests:

World War II
War and Society in 20th Century America
Gender in the Military
Women and War
U.S. Women's History
Oral History


"A Weapon Waiting to Be Used": The Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II

Bio Note:

Sarah Myers received a B.A. in History Education from the University of Missouri-Rolla and an M.A. in History from Missouri State University. A Ph.D. candidate at Texas Tech University, she is currently working on her dissertation that examines the work culture of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) program of World War II. Her work incorporates the experiences of women pilots through oral history interviews and she is always searching for more women pilots to interview.

Added June 2012