Rebecca L. Zimmer


University of Southern Mississippi


Dr. Susannah Ural

Academic Interests:

American Civil War;
Common soldiers and company grade officers;
Confederate States of America;
Pre-industrial warfare;
Music (particularly its associations with warfare);
Early medical remedies for epidemic disease



Bio Note:

Rebecca Zimmer received a B.S. in Biology from Elon University in 2002. She graduated from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, with her M.A. in History in 2009. Her thesis, titled “Uncommon Valor, Common Soldier: Edward Hall Armstrong, 3rd Regiment North Carolina Troops,” argued that despite the fact that Armstrong was from a wealthy family, and his appointment as the captain of Company G, 3rd N.C.T., Armstrong was representative of the common Confederate soldier. One similarity that particularly stood out was that Armstrong, an officer, suffered the same “fog of war” forgetfulness which afflicted many soldiers when they described their battlefield experience.

Rebecca spent the summers of 2008 and 2010 at the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War as their George M. Nethken Fellow. This permitted her the opportunity to work on the seminars “Gettysburg: Retreat and Pursuit” and “Seige of Petersburg,” the latter of which was presented in conjunction with Pamplin Park. During the 2009 – 2010 academic year, Rebecca was an adjunct lecturer at the University of North Carolina, Pembroke. She is currently a second year Ph.D. student studying United States’ History at the University of Southern Mississippi. Her research interests include the American Civil War, the social and political events leading up to the American Civil War, company-grade officers, and common soldiers. Her current dissertation topic is a comparison of three Confederate communities and their differing experiences in the Civil War.

Added October 2011