Karl Chandler Randall IV


University of South Africa


Dr. Martine De Marre

Academic Interests:

Ancient History
Early Technology
Experimental Archaeology


The Origins and Spread of the Composite Bow

Bio Note:

Karl Randall graduated from Oakland University with bachelor degrees in Finance and Economics. He later attended American Military University, graduating with an MA in History in 2011. Mr. Randall is currently enrolled in the doctoral program in the Department of Classics and World Languages at the University of South Africa, and is currently writing his doctoral thesis on the origins of the composite bow.

Most of Mr. Randall's research is focused on ancient military technology, and often incorporates physical testing. His thesis on the history and capabilities of paper armor is the first comprehensive examination ever of the topic, currently making him the world's leading expert in paper armor.

Mr. Randall is a resident of Busan, South Korea where he is an Assistant Professor at Kyungsung University. His first book, Korean Games and Sports was released in March 2011, followed by the publication of his first journal article "Hoplite Phalanx Mechanics" in the June issue of the Korean Journal of Greco-Roman Studies. Mr. Randall was named the first foreign member of the editorial board of the Korean Historical Review, South Korea's most prestigious history journal in February of 2011.

While he would like to stay in South Korea, Mr. Randall is currently looking for a history related position related to early military history or the history of early technology and is willing to consider relocating. In his spare time, he enjoys fencing, archery and brewing mead.

Updated March 2013