Justin Barr


Yale University - PhD Candidate
University of Virginia - MD Candidate


Prof. John Harley Warner

Academic Interests:

Medical History from Antiquity to the Present
History of Infectious Disease in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Military Medical History
War and Society in 20th Century America


Blood and Snow: How Vascular Surgery in the Korean War Created a Surgical Specialty in the United States

Bio Note:

I am generally interested in military medical history. War has served as an incubator for medical advances, and I am curious not just about the developments combat catalyzes but particularly how they transition into the civilian sphere and become part of standard medical care. Focusing mostly on the 20th century, my work has covered surgery and sanitation in the Russo-Japanese War, malaria control in Vietnam, and the role of medicine in counterinsurgency operations. My dissertation examines the development of vascular surgery in twentieth century America, paying particular attention to the pivotal roles of World War II and the Korean War in creating and advancing the discipline. I envision my dual training in both medicine and history providing a singular perspective on the subject and, more broadly, allowing for a career that interlocks my passions for medicine and history.

Added October 2011