Caroline D'Amours


University of Ottawa


Dr. Jeffrey Keshen

Academic Interests:

The Second World War
Military and diplomatic history of the 20th century
Contemporary Canada
History of French Canada


The Training of World War II Canadian Infantry Reinforcements During the European Campaign

Bio Note:

A third-year doctoral student in the Department of History at the University of Ottawa, Caroline D’Amours’s research focuses on 20th century history and Canadian military history. She is writing her dissertation on Canadian infantry reinforcement training during the Second World War. Additionally, she serves as the French submission editor of Strata: University of Ottawa Graduate Student History Review. Caroline has won numerous grants and fellowship to support her research, which include the Security and Defence Forum MA Scholarship Program, Department of National Defence, Gustave and Marie Lanctôt Scholarship, University of Ottawa, Pierre-Savard Memorial Scholarship, University of Ottawa, Canadian and North-American Francophonies Research Scholarship, CRCCF, University of Ottawa, Ontario Ph.D. Scholarships, and the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships.

Added July 2012