Aaron R. B. Linderman


Texas A&M University


R. J. Q. Adams

Academic Interests:

British Empire
Unconventional warfare
Interwar Period & World War II
American foreign policy


Reclaiming the Ungentlemanly Arts: The Global Origins of SOE and OSS

Bio Note:

I am a diplomatic and military historian, with an emphasis on aspects of the conflict spectrum which fall between total peace and outright conventional warfare: sabotage, subversion, insurgency, intelligence, propaganda and political warfare. My current project focuses on the doctrinal origins of Britain’s Special Operations Executive and the process whereby lessons learned from various imperial and small wars were reconfigured for irregular operations against the Axis Powers.

I have a book chapter, “The Afrikaner Influence on the IRA and SOE,” forthcoming in Security Issues in Africa and an article titled “Learning from the Past: Colin Gubbins and the Doctrine of Britain’s Special Operations Executive” under review. I have reviewed a history of Irish terrorism for the Canadian Journal of History and have a forthcoming review of an intelligence history. I have conducted significant archival research toward a second project on the history SOE and OSS special operations in the Far East.

I have taught graduate diplomatic and military history at the Institute of World Politics to professionals – most of them senior to me – from the Departments of Defense and State and have assisted a wide variety of undergraduate courses at Texas A&M.

I hold a BA in History (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa), with concentrations in International Studies and Medieval & Renaissance Studies, from the University of Dallas and an MA in Statecraft & National Security (magna cum laude) from the Institute of World Politics.  I will graduate with a PhD in History from Texas A&M in 2012.

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